Solar PICO

This is the first test of our solar pico


We plan to release the PICO in Ballarat today (5th Oct), to test out the Solar panel, and light weight payload on a foil balloon. At 15g including solar panel this is our lightest payload so far.


The max expected altitude is around 6000/7000m so we are not sure what the radio reception radius will be, will call out to the mailing lists for help if this starts looking promising!

We don’t expect to recover this payload if it stays up for a while.

The tracking telemetry is as previous flights:

434.650Mhz USB, 100baud RTTY, ASCII 8,None,1

Tracking on as PSB-4

We are back!

After a brief period of absence we are now back with a new web site. Sorry for the lack of updates, it should be better now that we have updated the site structure to make things simpler! We are looking at releasing a PICO payload in the next few weeks, amongst other things that we want to do. Here is a photo of the proposed PICO payload.


Thanks to Anthony Stirk from UKHAS, Mark VK5QI from Project Horus and the guys on #highaltitude for giving us the inspiration to develop our own trackers.